Invest Responsibly

Getting Started in Sustainable Investing

Getting started in sustainable and socially responsible investing (SRI) is a conscious choice to save money for your retirement and other needs, while helping to save the planet. As Peter Lynch once said, your best investment is probably your home, as you are able to build equity while reducing your taxes through mortgage interest deductions.

Another good way to invest while avoiding taxes is through annually funded IRA accounts. Once you have taken these steps, it may make sense to build a personal investment account, some of which could be invested in socially responsible mutual funds. After you have amassed around $100,000 or more, you may be ready for an individually managed account.

An individually managed account at Girton Capital Management can help you build wealth through individual stock, bond and mutual fund selection. Individual managed accounts can be managed to help lower your annual tax bill. For example, in an individual taxable account, each investment held longer than one year is taxed at the lower long term capital gains rates. By building wealth responsibly, you can become more involved in working for positive social and environmental change.

Social Investment Screens

Let's face it - everybody's different - and everybody has their own social values. At Girton Capital Management, you will get a basic SRI screen just by investing with us. But you will have additional or different screens than the next person. Here is a list of classic SRI screens that may be of special concern to you with regard to your investing:

  • Environment
  • Animal Testing
  • Human Rights
  • Labor Relations
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Diversity/Minorities
  • We try to avoid the following:
  • Weapons & Defense
  • Nuclear Power
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling

Our Investment Philosophy

We invest for our clients in a diverse group of socially responsible companies, for both growth and income. Some of the socially responsible companies we have researched and invested in include Cree (energy efficient lighting) Google, Land's End, Pattern Wind Energy, Peet's Coffee, United Natural Foods and White Wave. We manage each client's account for their personal asset allocation and diversification needs. Our goal is to provide competitive investment returns through original investment research.

We are always looking for new socially responsible investments in industry sectors that promote positive and sustainable change in business and the world, such as Alternative Energy, the "Best Companies to Work For," Clean Water, Climate Change and Pollution Control, Community Banks, The Internet and Social Networking, Organic & Natural Foods and Women-Managed Businesses. We favor companies with good employee relations, positive environmental records and sustainable businesses, while we avoid polluters, defense companies and tobacco companies, among others.

Your Financial Goals

Here's a short checklist of financial goals to consider in planning your investment strategy, or in communicating with us about your strategy.

Financial goals:

  • Growth
  • Aggressive Growth
  • Growth + Income
  • Income
  • Capital Preservation
  • Tax Reduction

(choose one or more of the above - but not both aggressive growth and capital preservation)

Disclaimer: Investing involves financial risk. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

Our Privacy Policy: We will not release your name or discuss your financial information with anyone outside of Girton Capital Management, Inc. without your approval.

Our Services

Our clients receive personal investment attention though individually managed accounts. We provide a quarterly investment report which lets our clients know how they are progressing.

Our quarterly Growth Letter includes an in-depth research study, a review of the latest economic and market conditions, and a summary of our recent investments.

Our fee is generally 1 to 1.25% of assets under management annually, negotiable depending on the size of the account.